Party A (lender):DHFL 

address:Nirlon House, 2nd Floor,Mumbai,Maharashtra 400 030 India

Party B (borrower):{借款人名称}   

 ID number:{借款人身份证号} 

 cell-phone number:{借款人手机号}

Bank of deposit:{收款银行开户行} 

Bank card number:{收款银行账号}  

       Based on the principle of equality, voluntariness, honesty and credit, Party A and Party B reach the contract of small loan through negotiation, and guarantee to abide by the contract。   

1、 Loan amount :Party B borrows The rupee from Party A (₹{借款金额小写} )。   

2、 Loan interest: the loan interest rate is monthly interest {借款利息} %。   

3、 Loan term: the loan term is ,from {借款开始日} rise reach {借款结束日} until。If the actual loan date is inconsistent with the date, the actual loan date shall prevail. Party B shall issue a receipt after receiving the loan, and the receipt issued by Party B shall be the appendix of this small loan contract, which has the same legal effect as this small loan contract.   

Platform account:{借款人手机号}

Account Name:{借款人名称} 

ID number:{借款人身份证号} 

Bank of deposit:{收款银行开户行} 

Bank card number:{收款银行账号}   

4. Warranty clause:   

①. The borrower shall not use the loan for illegal activities. Otherwise, Party A has the right to require Party B to repay the principal and interest immediately, and the legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by Party B.   

②. The borrower must repay the principal and interest within the time limit stipulated in the contract. For the overdue part, the borrower has the authority to recover the loan and collect the total amount of loan per day {逾期利息}% Late fees 。 

③. If the order is approved, you will need to add 2% of the loan amount to your wallet balance as a service fee and the loan contract will take effect immediately. The loan you withdraw will reach your bank account within 2-5 minutes, and the service fee and loan amount can be withdrawn to your bank account within 2 minutes after verification. If you do not receive a service fee, the company will pay 30% of the loan amount as a penalty.   

5. Liability for breach of contract  

①. If Party B fails to repay the loan in accordance with the provisions of the contract, Party B shall bear the penalty for breach of contract as well as the legal fees, litigation costs, travel expenses and other expenses incurred due to litigation。   

②. When Party A considers that the borrower has occurred or may affect the repayment ability, Party A has the right to recover the loan in advance, and the borrower shall return it in time, and the borrower and the guarantor shall not plead for any reason。 

③. If the loan cannot be handled due to one party is operation error, the fault party shall bear the expenses incurred in the process. When the borrower applies for refund due to fault, it shall pay 30% of the loan amount as liquidated damages first, and then Party A shall handle it. Refund time 60 working days   

6. Settlement of contract disputes: disputes arising from the performance of this contract shall be settled by both parties through friendly negotiation or mediation by a third party. If the negotiation or mediation fails, a lawsuit may be filed with the local people is court where Party A is located。 

7. This small loan contract shall come into effect on the date of signature (including electronic signature) of all parties. The contract text has the same legal effect。 

Party A (signature and seal): DHFL

Party B (signature): {借款人签名}   

Date of signing:{合同签订日期}