Dear users: 

      Welcome to register as DHFL user,Please read the following terms of service carefully before registering: 

      This agreement is made between you and DHFL between DHFL platform(Here in after referred to as "platform")Please read this registration agreement carefully for the contract of service and other related matters, If you agree to the terms of this agreement, please follow the prompts on the page to complete the registration process. If you terminate and withdraw from the application, you will be deemed not to accept all the terms of this agreement。 

1. General 

  1.1 DHFL Provide relevant services based on Internet and mobile Internet in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the operation rules issued from time to time。 

  1.2 in order to obtain the service, the user shall carefully read and fully understand the terms of this agreement, including Exemption or limitation of the liability of installment music and the limitation of user is rights。 Carefully read and choose to accept or not accept this agreement。

  1.3 DHFL Have the right to modify the terms of service when necessary. In case of any change in the terms of service, the revised contents will be prompted by means of website announcement, etc, No further notice, Once published by DHFL,It will take effect immediately,DHFL Unless otherwise agreed。 If you do not agree with the changed content, you can take the initiative to cancel the obtained platform information service. If you continue to enjoy the platform information service, you will be deemed to accept the change of the service terms。 

  2. User account

      2.1 after completing the registration application procedures, the user can obtain the right to use the DHFL account。Users should provide true, accurate and complete personal data, and constantly update the registration information to meet the above requirements. All the information you originally typed will be referred to as registration information. DHFL is not responsible for any problems caused by the registration information and for the consequences of the problems。 

    2.2 Users should not transfer, sell or lend their account numbers and passwords to others. If DHFL discovers that the user is not the account registrant himself, he / she has the right to discontinue the service. If the user discovers that his / her account has been illegally used by others, he / she should immediately inform DHFL If the account number and password are illegally used by others due to hacker behavior or user is violation of the provisions of this agreement, the user shall bear the losses and all legal liabilities arising therefrom, and DHFL shall not bear any responsibility。 

   2.3 for private information involving user registration information, personal information, etc., the personal privacy information involved will be strictly confidential. Unless authorized by you or otherwise regulated by law, DHFL will not disclose your privacy information to the outside world. 

  2.4 due to the provisions of laws and regulations and the necessary factors of DHFL itself, r.t.k has the right to log in and enter the registered account for evidence preservation。 In addition, we have the right to extract your relevant information from the third party cooperating with DHFL according to the information you fill in when you apply for an account on the platform。 

  2.5 in order to improve the user is product experience, the third party cooperating with DHFL needs to collect part of the user is data so as to improve the function design and launch new functions and services that are helpful to users. For details, please refer to the。 

  3. Usage rules 

      3.1 the use rules shall be subject to the real-time published rules on the platform。 

      3.2 users shall strictly abide by the following obligations when using the platform services:      

       3.2.1 relevant laws and regulations of the state must be followed, and the contents restricted or prohibited by Indian laws, regulations, rules, regulations and any norms with legal effect shall not be released, and any illegal contents endangering national security, pornography, violence and other legal rights shall not be released; 

       3.2.2 it is not allowed to transmit information that damages national social and public interests and involves national security;       

       3.2.3 Do not use the platform to engage in money laundering, stealing business secrets, stealing personal information and other illegal and criminal activities; 

     3.2.4 Do not use the account registered on the platform for profit-making business activities;        

     3.2.5 It is not allowed to publish any content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights or legal rights of others, such as copyright, trademark right, etc。 

     3.3 The user shall compensate for any claim, demand or loss claimed by any third party, including reasonable attorneys fees and other expenses caused by or arising from the user is breach of this agreement or the relevant service terms. DHFL has the right to take measures including but not limited to deleting the content of the user is information, suspending the use license, terminating the service, restricting the use, and investigating the legal responsibility according to the nature of the user is behavior。